Summer mood: Livorno & Calafuria

Tuscany region in Italy has a gorgeous coast over the Thyrrenian Sea, where you can sunbathe in infinite blue water while enjoying the tranquility.

Here is a small visual trip from Livorno coast down south until Calafuria coast. Put your swimsuit on and enjoy this summer mood photographs! :)

~ Flavia.

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2 responses to “Summer mood: Livorno & Calafuria”

  1. Mariana says:

    Que imagenes mas bellas!!! Pronto visitare la Toscana! :)

    • Flavia Morlachetti says:

      ¡Qué bueno que vas pronto a la Toscana, Maru! Los paisajes te van a fascinar. No dejes de avisarme si de camino pasás por acá ;) ¡Besos y gracias!

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