Monteriggioni, the hiden gem of Tuscany

If there’s one place I strongly recommend visiting when in Tuscany, definitely is Monteriggioni. A walled medieval town that still preserves all the magic and atmosphere of the 13th century in its intact architecture.

Impressive and imposing, this hidden gem it is still not as famous as other towns in the region. I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves, so you can understand what I mean ;)

Until next post!

~ Flavia.



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2 responses to “Monteriggioni, the hiden gem of Tuscany”

  1. Mariana says:

    Que imagenes! Pensar que pase por la puerta de ese lugar y no tuve tiempo de entrar, aun a pesar de tu recomendacion.

    • Flavia Morlachetti says:

      ¿Viste qué lugar maravilloso? :D Agendalo para el próximo viaje a Toscana, es un infaltable ;)

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