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“To travel is to live” said Hans Christian Andersen, and in today’s culture this sentiment is strongest than ever.

We travel physically and through images, we travel in mind and in soul, we travel to those places were we fell in love with its pictures before actually going there.

So the need of visually appealing photographs of a place turns out to be essential. And a well taken photograph of a hotel, room, farmhouse, wine cellar, or any kind of accomodation will absolutely increase the number of new guests making a reservation.

To make the holiday experience complete, I can also shot the surrondings. Whether is a big city with all its attractions, or a peaceful village with charming traditions.

I’m able to travel to your accomodation or tourist place in all Europe to take gorgeous photographs for all your media.

If you are a magazine or travel guide in need of specific travel photographs, feel free to write me for a special assignment.

If you are a publishing house in need of travel photographs for postcards, calendars or as fine art prints; drop me a line and we can work together.


Here’s how I work:

1- First of all I ask my clients to answer a little questionnaire regarding their brand and the images they are looking for.

2- After receiving back the complete questionnaire, with all that information in mind, I’ll share with the client a *secret* Pinterest board with ideas regarding the aesthetics they want for this project.

3- Then I prepare rough sketches in the computer with all the details written for client’s approval. Places, camera angles, attractions that should be included. We can arrange a personal visit, a Skype chat, or do all through emails; what suits you best.

4- Once the sketches are approved, we coordinate a date for the photoshooting.

5- Then I’ll post all the images in a *private* online gallery in my website, in high resolution with a “preview” watermark so you can test and choose the final photographs. If you want to buy more images than the ones that were included in the initial budget, sure you can ;)

6- You can ask for one revision of the photographs. For example: a different kind of edition or a detail modification.

7- Once you have chosen all the photographs you want to buy, you complete the payment and download the final high quality JPG (300 DPI), without watermarks, to use forever in all your marketing channels and materials.


✍ Write me from the contact page here for packages and pricing of Travel + Hotel Photography depending on your needs. I normally answer in 2 business days. Thank you so much for your interest, and let’s tell the story of you place together!


Be sure to check my Travel Portfolio for more examples of my work.