Photography of Product & Lifestyle

In an ever-growing internet, the e-commerce business is gaining new spaces at a very fast track. And in order to sell your products online, you need to show them to your potential clients as if they could almost touch it or smell it.


Textures, details, colors, uses and the whole brand experience become particularly a must. Great photos that genuinely represent all the love and care you put into your products and showing them in a creative way, are the competitive advantages that will address new sales while making your brand memorable.


My background as Advertiser made my eyes detail-oriented and my mind marketing-oriented. This helps me achieve gorgeous product photographs, and make people fall in love with them because of the visual story they tell.

How it works?

• I’m able to travel to your studio to take photographs of your products and the way and care you put while making them.


• If you sell a product that can be delivered, you can also send it to me and after the photoshoot in my studio I’ll return it to you. I’m currently located in Argentina.



The step by step process of working together

1. First of all send me a message from the bottom of this page, including all the details regarding your project.

2. After the initial approach, I normally answer in 2-3 business days with a quote.

3. If you approve it, then I'll ask you to answer a little questionnaire regarding your brand and the concept of the images you are looking for.

4. After receiving back the complete questionnaire, with all that information in mind. Then I prepare a pre production PDF with all the details written for client’s approval.

5. Once the scenes are approved (and the products have arrived, if it's the case); I do the photoshoot. I take care with my team of everything to deliver the stunning images you deserve.

6. I’ll post all the final images in a *private* online gallery, in high resolution so you can download and test them right away.

7. In case you were not satisfied with the images, you can ask for one revision of the photographs. For example: a different kind of edition or even to redo any of the images.

8. Once you are satisfied with all the photographs, you complete the remaining payment and download all the high quality JPG, to use forever in all your marketing channels and materials.

So let's work together!

Leave me a message for packages and pricing of Product & Lifestyle Photography. Please include as much details as possible on what you are looking for,

so I can adjust to your needs.


I normally answer in 2-3 business days. Thank you so much for your interest! Looking forward to working together.



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Be sure to check my Lifestyle Portfolio for more examples of my work.